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Prince computers is an IT Infrastructure Management company envisioned to enhance IT infrastructure value by providing technical solutions and services that can meet or exceed the user's expectations.

Founded in 1993 as Prince computers. an independent IT service provider today, Prince computers embodies the effort, ability and commitment of highly competent, responsive, quality conscious and knowledge savvy tech geeks who can help customers optimize, secure, manage and support their IT environments.

Prince computers has the ability to support the entire customer service lifecycle. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Prince has a growing infrastructure with contact center, field support and fulfillment facilities throughout the country.

Prince computers offers a complete family of on-site, field and Remote maintenance support solutions. Our economies of scale and proven best practices enable us to pass on significant savings to our customers while delivering the highest standard of service.

Prince's Skill Profile

Prince currently assets three types of technical teams

1. System Support Group

This is primarily a customer support and hardware maintenance team and has expertise on wide variety of products like Desktops, Notebooks, Servers, computers peripherals, networking equipment etc. The competency level of team includes hardware and networking diploma’s and experiences ranging from 2 to 20 years.

2. Enterprise Support Group

Our ESG team administrators provide facility at customer location or through Secure remote management tools and primarily consist of executives who are:

  • Microsoft Certified System Engineers
  • Microsoft Certified System Administrators
  • Microsoft SQL server certified DBA’s

3.  Enterprise Application Development

This team primarily consists of software programmer's with following skill sets:

  • Applications Programming in Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Dot Net 1.1. Dot net 2.0,  using ADO, ODBC, OLEDB and MS-SQL Server or Oracle as Back end RDBMS
  • COM based component development. Document viewer and scanning Active X controls
  • Web Access manager using CGI / ASP / Dot Net / Action Scripts / Ajax for building pages.
  • JAVA Applet development
  • Development of messaging system for world wide Area Networks/Intranet.
  • Web application designing in latest versions of Dream weaver, Photoshop, Flex and flash.

Testing & Repair Facility at Prince

Prince computers was setup within year 1993 with the sole motto of having dedicated and focused attention towards customer’s repairs needs and concerns. Since its inception the division has been setting new standards in ensuring customer care and customer satisfaction. It has grown in strength, it has diversified in the kind of services offered, it has spread in terms of coverage and it has proved its competence and reliability in meeting and exceeding customer demands.
Prince computers provides a one-stop shop for all your hardware problems. The basic functionary of the division can be described as under:

  • Detect all of the system hardware failures.
  • Pinpoint failures to specific hardware device.
  • Allow retesting of repaired or replaced devices to make certain that the error defect has been eliminated.

Quick Facts

compassCompany: Prince computers Year Founded: 1993 Headquarters: New Delhi, India Brands Owned: Major leading brands in the marketplace.

Service Offerings

parcel Sale / Support
Servicing / Maintenance

(Computers, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Lcd, Scanner and Monitors)